Pharmaceutical Construction

Wednesday, 22nd July 2020

Healthcare has always been the most important part of the socio-economic pillars. One of the most significant domains related to healthcare that has been in focus for the last few decades is the pharmaceutical sector; one of the most booming, flourishing & ever-increasing sector in the Indian business set up.

Zamil Steel Buildings India Private Limited (ZSI) has broad experience in Pharmaceutical building Construction and has built relationships with many of the pharmaceutical industry's leading manufacturers; value of planning, insightful design reviews and technically skilled staff made ZSI a premier PEB supplier in this specialized sector and remains a leader in this arena.

ZSI has supplied steel structure PEB buildings across India, Sri Lanka & Eastern African countries for the projects that involve Manufacturing Facility containing clean rooms(a controlled area within a wider facility that maintains a specific level of air particles & other contaminants), Pre-Clinical Block, Warehouse, Tablet & Capsule Manufacturing Unit, Production Hall, Cosmetic Unit and Packaging Unit etc.