Applications of PEB

Nearly 70% of all single storey non-residential construction now utilizes preengineered buildings. Applications range from small car parking sheds to 90 m (+), wide clear span aircraft hangars to low-rise multi-storey buildings. Almost every conceivable building use has been achieved using the pre-engineered building approach.

The most common applications of pre-engineered buildings are:


Factories, Workshops, Warehouses, Cold stores, Car parking sheds, Slaughter houses, Cement plants, Steel rolling mills


Showrooms, Distribution centers, Supermarkets, Restaurants, Offices, Service stations, Shopping centers


Schools, Exhibition halls, Hospitals, Theaters, Auditoriums, Sports halls, Malls, Stadiums, Universities

Aviation & Military

Aircraft hangers, Administration Buildings, Residential barracks, Support facilities


Gymnasiums, Swimming pool enclosures, Indoor tennis courts


Poultry-Dairy Farms, Greenhouses, Grain storage, Animal confinement