Research and Development

Zamil Steel Industries promotes a culture rich in new ideas and innovation. Our Research and Development Department constantly engaged in product innovation

The talented group of engineers and architects that makes up our R&D Department work within a culture that fosters idea generation and perfection to the fullest. The end result is a consistent flow of design, process and product innovations, bolstering Zamil Steel's position as a global industry leader.

When you choose Zamil Steel Pre-Engineered Buildings, you can be certain that your project will benefit from the dedicated efforts of our Product Research and Development Department.

We apply new ideas to every area of the company

The following are just a few of the core initiatives that occupy the resources and talents of the Zamil Steel R&D department:

  • Refine details to constantly raise economical, safety and aesthetic standards
  • Develop software that improves customer service
  • Search for and test the viability of new products to complement and enhance our existing PEB systems
We consistently focus on learning and training

Zamil Steel R&D professionals know that innovation needs to be shared throughout the company to achieve maximum success. That's why learning is an ongoing activity throughout the Zamil Steel organization. The Products Research & Development Department engages in continuous training programs for all technical staff, in addition to providing extensive technical training to new sales executives and engineers.