Nomenclature - Glossary of Terms

A supplementary building product, such as a door, window, skylight, ventilator, louver, etc.
Bolts used to anchor structural members to a concrete floor, foundation or other support. Usually refers to the bolts at the bottom of all columns and door jambs.

A hot rolled member with two legs forming a 90 degree angle.
Drawings sent to the customer to verify design and dimensions and to verify the sales contract description of materials and services the manufacturer has agreed to furnish.
Two or more components bolted together.
A plan view of a building(s) foundations showing all dimensions and sections required to properly locate the anchor bolts, including the projections of the bolts above the concrete surface, required recess, etc. Column reactions (magnitude and direction), and base plate dimensions are also included.

A bent plate attached to one leaf of double sliding or hinged doors to prevent dust and light ingress.

All specified dynamic live loads, other than the basic design loads, which the building must safely withstand. Examples are loads imposed by crane systems, material handling systems and impact loads.