MaxSEAM Roof System

The ultimate weather proof roof system.

The Zamil Steel MaxSEAM roof system is one of the strongest and most weather-tight standing seam roof systems available in the industry today. The 360 deg. Seam along the side laps of the panel; the special Articulating clip, ArtiFloat; and the carefully engineered system for strength, durability and weather ability are but a few of its outstanding features.  Brochure | Specifications

The MaxSEAM roof system acts as a monolithic membrane that completely protects your buildings. It is the most recommended roof systems for tropical, rainy, snowy or high wind (cyclonic) regions.

Using the Zamil Steel Super SEAMER machine, the side laps of adjacent panels are seamed together creating a 360 deg. Double lock seam, which has machine-applied butyl sealant to ensure a secure, weather tight leak-proof joint.

To further improve the weather-tightness of this roof system, the end laps may be eliminated by rolling MaxSEAM panels on site, using a mobile roll former. Standard MaxSEAM panels (rolled formed in the factory) have a maximum length of 11.5m, while Panels rolled on site can achieve a length up to 90 meters.

MaxSEAM is also offered as an Ultimate Re-roofing solution allowing for installation over an existing through-fastened rib type roof without removing the existing roof panels.

Zamil Steel India Recently completed a projects in Karnataka
for Japanese client with MaxSEAM 93 m long continuous panel rolled and installed at site.