Tamil Nadu a regional industrial gateway to Asia

Friday, 19th November 2021

Tamil Nadu is the fourth largest state of India. Tamil Nadu is one of the well-developed states in terms of industrial development. It has a diversified manufacturing sector and features among the leaders in several industries like automobiles and auto components, engineering, pharmaceuticals, textiles, leather, chemicals, plastics, etc.

Logistical advantages due to presence of three major seaports, an international airport and several domestic airports, quality of human resources, a peaceful industrial climate and a positive work culture standing the state in the industrial world as a regional gateway to Asia and a top-ranking exporter of manufactured goods.

Zamil Steel India caters the needs of the industrial sectors of the state, having supplied more than 1000 pre-engineered buildings for various industrial building applications.

In Tamil Nadu, Zamil has constructed multiple warehouses & factories for manufacturing industry, food parks & process units for food & beverages, production units for pharmaceutical, heavy equipment manufacturing facility for engineering and automotive factories & workshops for automobile industry.