Roof and Wall Panels

Zamil Steel offers a complete line of Wall/Roof panels, panel related accessories, trims, purlins, girt, eave gutters, downspouts, curved eaves, wall flashings and louvers for a wide range of building applications.

Variety of profiles, base metals, metal substrates and coatings for its panels. The metal skins are used as roof and wall panels, interior roof and wall liners, partition panels, soffit panels, etc.

Building Components

Our roof and wall panel are an important part of our products line. Zamil Steel is your single source for a complete building system.

Also available in colours shown below:

Sample Color RAL Code
White aluminium 9006
Telegrey 4 7047
Signal grey 7004
Reseda green 6011
Black blue 5004
Sapphire blue 5003
Traffic blue 5017
Capri blue 5019
Gentian blue 5010
Azure blue 5009
Light blue 5012
Leaf green 6002
Traffic green 6024
Emerald green 6001
Cactus green NA
Plumage green NA
Turquoise blue 5018
Tours blue NA
Frost white NA
Colza yellow 1021
Brown red (Terracotta) 3011
Signal white 9003

Zamil Steel Panel Chart (colors & profiles) brochure is available in PDF format View Now. For the most current availability of standard panel colors and thicknesses.

Panel Chart (Colors & Profiles)

We offer engineering services and construction (erection) solutions for the supply and installation of the roof covering and wall cladding including the secondary members and all related accessories for new buildings as well as retrofitted buildings.