Nomenclature - Glossary of Terms

A primary beam member supported on columns.

The intersection of the plane of the roof and the plane of the gable.
The sheeting item joining the roof and wall sheeting at the rake. Also called Gable Trim.
The resisting forces, at the column bases of a frame, holding the frame in equilibrium under a given loading condition.

A change that is made to the building design, component details, location of accessories, etc.
The peak, or highest point of a gabled building, which describes a horizontal line running the length of the building.

Continuous metal flashing used to close roofing material along the ridge of a roof. Also called Ridge Cap or Peak Panel.
A connection, between two rafter members, which transfers the moment from one side of the connection to the other and maintains, under application of load, the same angle between the connected members that exists prior to the loading. See also Moment Connection.

The manufacturer?s sign at the peak or highest point of the gable. Also called Peak Sign.

The ventilator used at the ridge line.