Nomenclature - Glossary of Terms

A piece of roof or wall sheeting. See also Sheeting.
That portion of the vertical wall which extends above the roof line at the intersection of the wall and roof.

A number physically marked on a piece or packing that identifies each component of the building for erection and shipping purposes.
A non-load bearing interior dividing wall. It can sustain its own weight but does not support the ceiling or roof and is designed to withstand a maximum lateral load of 0.25 kN/m?.
The uppermost point of a gable. Also called Peak Point or Ridge Point.
Also known as Ridge Panel. Used to link and weather-seal roof panels on opposing slopes.
A sign attached to the peak of the building at the endwall showing the name of the manufacturer of the building. Also called Ridge Sign.
An access door.

A concrete structure designed to transfer the vertical load from the column base to the footing.

A small access door within one leaf of a sliding door. Also called Wicket Door.