Nomenclature - Glossary of Terms

A member formed into a 'C' shaped profile by cold roll-forming from coils.

The operating handle used to open and close the ridge ventilator.

Used for cable bracing. Can also be used to operate ridge vent dampers and for temporary bracing. See Brace Cables.
A projecting beam that is supported and restrained at one end only.
An overhanging or projecting roof structure, below the eave level, supported at one end only.

A plate located at the top of a column or end of a beam. Also referred to as End Plate.
The action of water rising to a higher level.
A narrow walkway used to provide access to mechanical equipment normally supported on roof platforms.
A sealant used in making watertight joints.
A member formed, while in a semi-molten state at the steel mill, into a 'C' shaped profile having standard dimensions and properties specified by a relevant standard specification.