Pre Engineered Building Additions - Crane Systems

Wednesday, 19th August 2020

All pre-engineered steel buildings can be designed for crane operation provision as per operational need. There are various type of crane being used in industry for various purposes; EOT overhead crane with pendant or cabin operated, overhung/under-slung crane system, monorail crane or hoist system, wall mounted crane and jib crane.

Zamil Steel Buildings India Private Limited (ZSI) has experienced and Pre-engineered buildings developed by ZSI are designed to withhold most common types of Overheads Cranes such as EOT, monorail & underslung cranes.

These buildings are being designed for crane capacities ranging from 1MT to 250MT. The crane runway beams (Gantry Girders)are simply supported built-up sections with/without cap channels and with maintenance platforms and ladders. Catwalks for crane maintenance are usually mounted alongside the crane beams, suspended under rigid frame rafters or elevated above the top of the building roof.

Thus, the offered structures of ZSI are high in demand due to its efficiency, safety & superior load bearing strength and ZSI are developing these structures precisely for factory shed, warehouse, manufacturing facility, production unit & any kind of buildings.