A trusted partner for future projects

Thursday, 3rd September 2020

As the world, including India, fights coronavirus, talks have already begun about the post COVID-19 situation, which is anticipated to bring both challenges and opportunities, lower but positive economic growth in India in the post-COVID19 pandemic period and India's large market will continue to attract market-seeking investments to the country.

In the developing Asia region, India is among the top host economies for FDI in manufacturing, industrial production and other allied industries.

India's most sought-after industries, which include professional services and the digital economy, the digital transformation of India that is currently underway is expected to accelerate the growth of e-commerce, changing the retail consumer market landscape over the next decade. This is attracting leading global multinationals in technology and e-commerce to the Indian market.

Zamil Steel Buildings India Private Limited has always been a favored destination and a trusted partner for global companies, having supplied PEB to a total solution provider for customer needs; contained complex & heavy steel structures for to set up new manufacturing facility, factory, production unit, etc.